Service and Inspection of vessels spare engines, onboard Arenig Fawr, for Strategic Marine Services Ltd, October 2016.

The MV Arenig Fawr a dredging vessel operated by Strategic Marine Services ltd, which operates on the River Dee to ensure a clear channel for the Airbus A380 wing barge.

During the annual dry-docking period Strategic Marine replace a Caterpillar C7 main engine, an auxiliary Caterpillar 3056 engine and a Vetus generator. Reconditioned ‘spare’ engines are installed as replacements, whilst the engines are overhauled and preserved for storage, awaiting the next scheduled dry-dock period.

Initially the 3 engines were partially stripped to remove and inspect a set of main bearings, LE bearings and piston rings, witnessed by vessel Superintendent.

Following inspection, both the C7 and 3056 cylinder heads were reconditioned, replacing valves, seats and guides.

A complete set of main, LE bearings and piston rings were replaced on the C7 Caterpillar engine, with the 3056 only requiring only a single unit inspection and rebuild.

Following rebuild the engines were preserved for storage and resprayed.

Minor overhaul of Jenbacher 316, for Cory Environmental Ltd at Highfield Landfill site, January 2017

January 2017, GSE completed a minor overhaul of a Jenbacher 3 Series generator, installed at Highfield landfill site, operated by Cory Environmental ltd.

During a 5 day shutdown period, an overhaul schedule was undertaken that included removal of cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods and cylinder liners. Along with removal of the turbocharger, aftercooler and crankshaft damper.

The original set of connecting rods was re-conditioned, to replace SE bushes and re-certify running tolerances. New pistons and ring packs were installed onto original connecting rods and re-fitted with new LE bearings, complete with a spare set of re-worked cylinder heads.

Finally the original Turbocharger and Aftercooler were re-fitted to the engine following subsequent overhaul. Finally a new OEM supply crankshaft damper was assembled to the engine.

On completion of the rebuild, the engine was run-up to complete initial bearing runs and gradually stepped up at loaded increments up to 400kw to verify performance.

Cylinder liner O-ring replacement onboard Condor Rapide, November 2016

A team of GSE service engineers attended Condor Rapide whilst the vessel was taken from service during a short 3day maintenance period, alongside in Poole, Dorset.

The Vessel which is powered by four main engines; 20 Cylinder Ruston RK 270 Diesel engines and had been suffering from leaking cylinder liner O-rings over a period, due to fitment of inadequate liner sealing O-rings during an earlier engine overhaul.

During the 3 day period, GSE engineers removed 4 cylinder units from the Port Outer main engine. The original components; cylinder head, piston, connecting rods and cylinder liner were cleaned, examined and refitted with original OEM supplied parts.

Finally LE connecting rods bolts were re-stretched in-situ as per recommendation.

Following the rebuild, the engine completed no-load bearing trials, to verify assembly of overhauled cylinder units, prior to returning to operational service, running between the Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey and St Malo.

YLEM Energy Ltd - Workshop overhaul of 8 Cylinder, Perkins 4008 Series LFG powered engine

In December 2016 GSE commenced a major workshop overhaul for YLEM Energy Ltd of an 8 Cylinder Perkins engine. The engine was due to be re-located and was due a major 70’000 hour overhaul.

The crankshaft was removed for specialist repair, due to undersize main and crankpin journals. The crank was ground throughout to – 0.25mm and refitted with OEM bearings and replacement damper.

The original cylinder heads were reworked, replacing valves, seats and guides. Connecting rods, cylinder liners and gear driven pumps were replaced with new OEM parts.

The workshop rebuild was completed with the engine lubricating oil system flushed on completion, along with a full re-spray, prior to being transported to Brook Hill Landfill site in Flintshire.

On completion of the rebuild, the engine was run-up to complete initial bearing runs and gradually stepped up at loaded increments up to 400kw to verify performance.


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